Marshmallow Root Cut/Sift Organic-1oz

Marshmallow Root Cut/Sift Organic-1oz

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Marshmallow root has many potential health benefits, including:
Marshmallow root's high mucilage fiber content can help with digestion and digestive disorders. It can also soothe and protect the digestive tract, and may help with diarrhea, constipation, and ulcers. Marshmallow root tea can help with acid reflux by forming a protective layer of tissue and stimulating tissue regeneration.
Marshmallow root's mucilage can coat the throat and soothe irritation and soreness, making it a natural cough remedy.
Marshmallow root's antibacterial properties may help speed up wound healing and reduce inflammation.
Heart health
Marshmallow root's anti-inflammatory properties may help lower the risk of heart disease. Animal studies have shown that taking marshmallow root flower extract for a month can increase good cholesterol levels.
Pain relief
Marshmallow root can act as an analgesic to relieve pain and soothe conditions like sore throats or abrasions.
Urinary tract
Marshmallow root's antibacterial properties can help fight infections in the urinary tract, soothe inflammation, and stop bleeding. It's also recommended as an herbal treatment for painful bladder syndrome and pelvic pain.
Botanical Name: Althaea officinalis
Origin: Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa.


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