About Me

Hello beautiful beings, my name is Desirée. I have been led to get back to nature, back to my roots. In the last few years I have been actively learning about all that Mother Earth has to offer us in the way of healing ourselves naturally. As I journey through life, I am learning our Creator has provided and blessed us with everything we need to live a healthy, vibrant life and I am truly grateful!

I was first drawn to Crystals, amazed that they offer something even more valuable then their beauty.... Crystals offer healing, balance, and awareness!!! They vibrate frequencies that match nature, our moods and higher realms that bring us Intune with the Creator, they even open our awareness to our own gifts and abilities.
As I began choosing crystals, I found that specific stones and crystals like Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz helped with my mood, Fluorite with concentration and Amethyst for a more purposeful meditation. Shungite took away persistent headaches that I'd been experiencing and Selenite, my favorite, aided in my spiritual growth and opened a connection to God that I could physically feel.
So, I started keeping them on me, in various places and that worked some of the time, but they would fall out, so I needed a better way of keeping them near me throughout my day. I learned of wire wrapping and decided to give it a go and a new love was born! It was relaxing, satisfying, a source of meditation as I wrapped each crystal with a purpose, for a purpose! It allowed the ability to wear and share their beauty and amazing gifts with each owner.
One day on a hunt to find more crystals my husband and I stumbled into a spiritual store where they not only sold tons of crystals but there was this room in the back of the store with a wall to wall, floor to ceiling stock of herbs, teas and blends. We we're intuitively drawn to that space, we talked with a master herbalist (who is such an inspiration) and left with a few to try. That day opened up a whole other world of healing that I wasn't aware of but it felt so authentically right!

In an effort to help heal ourselves, our family and anyone with a desire to trust in what the Creator provided for us through Mother Earth, we are actively learning how to use crystals, herbs, meditation and energy, the proper way. These things are so vital to living a healthy and vibrant life, yet often overlooked. We want to change that!
I've completed a Crystal Healing Course, allowing me the ability to perform crystal healing meditations on those willing and in need of aligning or clearing negative energy. I have also completed a course in herbalism and continue to take classes and read books to familiarize myself with Earth's gifts.
This is my passion and I truly find purpose, peace, joy and excitement in this space and on this journey. I am pleased to assist in healing and offer nurturing, encouragement and uplift souls while doing something I love.
Love, light, peace and infinite abundance to each of you on this life's journey 💕
This is what Desired Elements is all about!!