Hyssop Cut & Sift Organic-1oz

Hyssop Cut & Sift Organic-1oz

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Hyssop is an herb prepared from the leaves and flowers of Hyssopus officinalis and is used for alleviation of symptoms of gastrointestinal and respiratory tract infections and the common cold. Hyssop is widely used and has not been implicated in causing liver injury.
Hyssop is an herb prepared from the aerial parts of the plant Hyssopus officinalis, which is a member of the mint family indigenous to Southern Europe and the Middle East. Hyssop has been used in folk medicine for centuries for stimulation of the circulation and for treatment of a variety of conditions including upper respiratory illness, asthma, cough, sore throat, intestinal infections, gastrointestinal upset, gall bladder disease, poor appetite, urinary tract infections and dysmenorrhea. Hyssop is also used topically in gargles, medicinal baths, and creams for skin irritation, burns and frostbite. Hyssop oil is used in cooking and as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. The constituents of hyssop extracts include volatile oils, tannins, bitters, and flavonoids. The volatile oils include pinocamphone, which is mildly toxic but may account for its apparent effect for respiratory symptoms. Hyssop oil is used as a fragrance and should not be taken orally. Hyssop extract is available as capsules and as liquid extracts, and it is taken two to three times daily. Side effects are mild and include gastrointestinal upset, anxiety and tremors. Hyssop may exacerbate seizure disorders, particularly in children when given as oil

Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinalis 

Origin: Mediterranean, temperate Asia, and Africa

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